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About Us

Williams Tea & Coffee was established in 1992 by William Mehrtens.  It represents the second largest tea producer in Indonesia, providing both house and own branded premium tea’s. 

Specializing in Hot Beverages for Vending Machines and general Cafeteria situations.  We pride ourselves with quality Coffee products,  imported from Colombia and Australia - spray dried, agglomerated (granules), along with the most popular Freeze Dried.

Sugar is sourced offshore.

Our Milk Products - Dairy Crema's / Whiteners are sourced locally in New Zealand.

We do have Non Dairy Crema's and Whiteners also.

Whether it is Hot or Cold beverages, large or small companies, we will happily provide you with a quotation to suit your requirements.

Assured Food Safety Certified, Council A Graded, registered importers / exporters. Also MPI registered transitional facility